Sunday, July 6, 2014

Research Methodology Part A second Sem Syllabus

MOULE ‐ I : Sampling
i) Concept of population and sample in Qualitative, Quantitative and Mixed research
ii) Techniques of sampling‐ Probability and Non probability sampling‐Different types.
(8 hours)
MODULE – II : Techniques and Tools for Data Collection
i) Interview, Observation, Sociometry, Self reporting techniques: Concept and Applicability
ii) Tests, Questionnaire, Inventories, Scales, Checklist, Schedule‐Types, uses , construction and
(10 hours)
MOULE ‐ III : Methods of Educational Research
(i) Historical Research‐ need and significance, types, sources and collection of data; establishing
validity and interpretation of data
(ii) Descriptive Research‐ surveys, case study, developmental and correlation studies – nature, use
and steps . Ex‐ Post Facto Research.
(iii) Experimental Research – need and significance‐ nature and steps‐ validity; internal and external,
use and limitations of different types of experimental designs: Pre‐experimental, Quasiexperimental,
True‐ experimental.
(iv) Qualitative research: meaning, steps and characteristics‐Qualitative research approaches
:phenomenology, ethnography, naturalistic enquiry and grounded theory
(v) Mixed Research‐meaning, fundamental principles, types , strengths and weaknesses
(20 hours)
MODULE ‐ IV : Research Report
i) Preparation of a research report, Criteria for a good research report, Evaluation of a report.
ii) Ethical issues in educational research.
iii) American Psychological Association Style Manual.
(7 hours)

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